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Andrew Chilvers is a writer | editor | editorial director | digital project planner | digital publisher| social media planner | SEO specialist. Andrew develops content strategies using articles, blogs, videos, podcasts and social media for news and magazine websites, small businesses and large public sector websites.
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Big data, the death of the website, SEO, podcasts and nano pills

In this week’s digital roundup I look at blogs on data,  content over SEO, the demise of websites, the resurgence of podcasts and a wearable health solution for cancer.


The first blog is is about Dadaviz, which is being called the YouTube of data visualisation. Dadaviz started out as Wikibrains, a simplweb app making simple-to-visualise Wikipedia topics as bubble maps. This has since developed into a data visualisation business as people’s appetite’s for digesting online data through images have increased. The company’s aim is to be a portal for the best visualisation of data content on the web. Not too ambitious then…

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Key steps to set up your content and blog strategy

Digital networks and technologies offer people and organisations countless ways to communicate and share information with individuals and communities. But for anyone trying to master the dark art of digital engagement, the sheer complexity of what to communicate, how and when, through which channels and on what device can prove overwhelming and off putting.

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Slideshow on digital ecosystem for Redbridge

Below is a slideshow I put together for the communications team at Redbridge Council in Northeast London for their health and social care website.

Digital ecosystem for the community

The brief was to talk through the digital ecosystem surrounding the team’s Mylife community website. Essentially a directory of services for the community. For the team it was important to highlight why different content was required – blogs, videos, podcasts, infographics etc – and how this should be posted onto different social media and bookmarking channels.

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Podcasts, mobile, social media and SEO at Christmas

The digital news roundup this week is an eclectic mix that includes;

  • a look at the rise of podcasting in the age of the smart phone
  • mobile content and the development of the Buzzfeed news app
  • social media and political extremism
  • Christmas and seasonal SEO.

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Instagram and teenage football dreams

For teenagers, the social world is the untapped frontier of opportunities.

That’s certainly the case with my son. He set up an Instagram account in the early summer focused on the Football World Cup. His idea was to mash up videos and photos and put them on a background he designed. He did this all on his iPhone and told no one about it till he had 50,000 followers. He then created a back up in case the first account was hacked and that swiftly had 25,000 followers.

Within weeks not months! It’s taken me years to grow my Twitter following, which he looks down on as middle age and so early noughties…

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