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Andrew Chilvers is a writer | editor | editorial director | digital project planner | digital publisher| social media planner | SEO specialist. Andrew develops content strategies using articles, blogs, videos, podcasts and social media for news and magazine websites, small businesses and large public sector websites.

Digital professionalism in the age of social networks

Social media is now enmeshed in everyone’s lives. More than eight out of 10 (83%) adults go online using any device in any location. Facebook has 31 million users in the UK, while Twitter has 15 million active users, according to socialmediatoday. For healthcare professionals, Twitter has become the online community tool of choice to connect with colleagues and their communities.

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Lombok – an island under the volcano

At first glance Indonesia, with its ethnic and religious tensions, is probably not the ideal destination for a relaxing, trouble-free holiday. For two weeks of peace and quiet surely there must be other places to go, or as my doctor put it as he syringed typhoid into my arm: “Have you ever considered Bournemouth?”

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Ocean Dunes and how to set up a golf course in Vietnam

Ocean Dunes is not what you’d call your average golf course. It’s a slice of green, undulating English fairway set amid battle scarred sand dunes on Vietnam’s dusty, parched southern coast.

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Vung Tau and the Russians

Yuri is a haunted man. His eyes have that wary look of a veteran who saw too much horror and who now suffers nightmares and insomnia in equal measure. His face twitches and he scratches nervously as he talks. For three years in the Soviet paratroops he was a hunter-killer in Afghanistan, a hit man dropped behind enemy lines to take out heavily armed convoys creeping along the roads of the Hindu Kush mountains. The mojaheddin could never catch him, and he always made it home.

Tonight, however, over sour vodka and shaschlyk, he admits the experience terrified him and that he wet himself on every jump he made. “Hell. Everytime wet through,” he says pointing to his crutch and laughing with a mouthful of borsht. After several hours of downing neat vodka, Yuri is also very drunk.

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10 tips to Write Ideal SEO Blog Post Headlines

1)  Descriptive and long

The first tip to optimise your blog headline is to write descriptive and long titles. The long titles have enough words  to describe the purpose of the the post by using multiple keywords. This will also attract the search engines. Have a look at the mailonline. They’re past masters at the long headlines.

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