10 tips to Write Ideal SEO Blog Post Headlines

1)  Descriptive and long

The first tip to optimise your blog headline is to write descriptive and long titles. The long titles have enough words  to describe the purpose of the the post by using multiple keywords. This will also attract the search engines. Have a look at the mailonline. They’re past masters at the long headlines.

2)  Social media

Social media plays a crucial role when promoting your article or blog. Post your article through the various social channels such as Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, YouTube, Google+ etc.

3)  Use multiple keywords

Use multiple keywords in your post/article. Bloggers often focus on a single keyword in the headline of their blog posts, but it’s important to add  multiple keywords.

4)  Use synonyms:

Synonyms are words that are almost identical or similar in meaning. By using synonyms we are targeting the same content but with different keywords.

5)  Use eye catching words

You have to use eye catching words for your articles if you want to gain high traffic. Try not to write words often used by other bloggers; users tend to stray when they see repeated words and tags. So try to use eye catching words for your posts. Be original. Have fun.

6)  Headlines must be SEO friendly

Maintain a balance between SEO friendly posts and your readers. Google tends to penalise over-stuffed headlines, so write for the reader NOT the search engine.

7)  Avoid unnecessary keywords

If you really want to grow high traffic for your site than do not use unnecessary keywords like in, an, of, that etc. Always try to grab targeted keywords for your post title. Choose your keywords wisely.

8) Target focused keywords

Yes you can make your post title more SEO friendly by placing keywords that properly describe your post. This will increase your keyword density.

9) Always make your headline appeal to users

Your headline should be eye catching, often with numbers. Be clever,  be creative. Make people sit up and take notice.

10) Post in an H2 tag

Search engines prefer h2 tags before h3 tags. According to Google’s SEO tips, the H2 tag is king while H3 is queen etc.  A small point, but one worth noting.