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A graphic on Big Data

Big Data, Education and the focus on quality content

This week’s digital round up focuses largely on Big Data. Oh dear not that old chestnut!

Well it’s very topical and while purists deny there is any such thing as Big Data – rather that there’s lots and lots of data – I’ll leave it at Big Data for the moment.

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Content is dead, context is king – what Google did next in search

Ever thought of Google as an animal?

I asked a group of friends this question recently and the answers were predictable and surprising in equal measure. The top 3 were:

  •         A poisonous spider
  •         A many headed hydra, which in Greek mythology had poisonous breath and blood so virulent that even its tracks were deadly
  •         J.A.R.V.I.S, Iron Man’s cybernetic butler.

The first two are dangerous, unfriendly, evil monsters, while the latter is the perfect companion, a well spoken English butler (if you like English butlers that is) who wants to take care of everything for you.

And that is Google in a nutshell; on the one hand evil, manipulative; on the other, friendly, helpful, good to have around.

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